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Whether it’s high-speed production of small parts or slow speed manufacture on the assembly line, FlashBack will record any stoppages. Often issues are combinations of complex movements or timing problems. FlashBack shows precisely what happened and when, allowing the precise corrective action to be taken.


Characterized by stringent requirements and high cost per unit produced, pharmaceutical manufacturing has its own unique set of challenges. FlashBack helps you validate your operation and remove variations. FlashBack’s technology allows you to capture, replay, distribute, analyze and permanently eliminate the root cause of production problems.


These industries utilize some of the fastest equipment in the world. FlashBack is the tool to use for removing the mystery of jams and training new personnel FlashBack renders the intricate movements of this equipment as a series of slow motion images, illustrating what is happening and when. Timing problems and equipment wear along with many other factors can then be quickly diagnosed.

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Troubleshooting the in-feed of a filler, ensuring the proper setup of a seamer, determining why dents are forming or diagnosing a case packer that jams every two hours is nearly impossible when you are running 1,500+ units per minute. FlashBack removes these mysteries and more.


FlashBack has provided rapid return on investment in a variety of industries. Whether you are troubleshooting high-speed manufacturing lines, improving waste reduction or more accurately and efficiently training, FlashBack easily captures EVERYTHING so you can play it back in slow motion. Operational Excellence through Vision Analysis!